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Character Values and Beliefs


Plan the deeply-rooted beliefs that drive all of your character’s thoughts and actions. Learn the strategy to choosing traits that ensure realistic character development that influences every other trait.

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Values and beliefs are the foundation of any character because they influence what a person does and why she does it. This means that choosing the right values and beliefs for the story you are trying to tell is critical. You should not just choose what seems interesting; you want to choose what makes sense in light of the inner and outer journey the character is going on.

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What People Are Saying


“I cannot believe that I wrote so many things for my characters that I have not even imagined! You really inspired me to think and engage more for my little short story. thanks!”

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“Truly enjoyed this class! Barbara does an incredible job explaining what beliefs and values are and how important they are for the characters and the story.”

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“Yet another wonderful class from Barbara. It was clear, with some really interesting points that got me thinking about my characters. Thank you, Barbara!”

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“I absolutely loved this! It gave me a genuine guideline to creating my characters and I love it! Will definitely use it when I get my next idea in my mind.”

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“Barbara is very clear and very specific. She doesn’t skip over anything and makes sure you know how to make a perfect finishing product. #BarbaraVanceFan”

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“As always, the worksheets are indispensable for understanding the concepts of the course. I also feel that there are significant overlaps between her courses–enough so that you can see how they relate to each other, but not too much, which could make it redundant.”

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“Vance is an excellent teacher. Her class will help you take your writing skills to the next level by helping you analyze a character and what drives them towards every decision. It is also a great refresher course when you need an extra boost.”

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“Useful information provided concisely. Barbara made the concepts clear. I won’t call them simple, but she used examples to make things easy to understand, even for an amateur writer like myself. I’d suggest going through her other character-based courses as well. They fit very well with what is being taught here.”

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“This course gave me a lot to think about. It mentions a lot of questions I should have been asking about my characters, but didn’t. I will use what I have learned here for my own writing. Thanks for making it available.”

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Barbara Vance, PhD

I am a writer and instructor who has been blessed to help thousands of writers bring their stories to life.

My degrees include a B.A. in literature, an MA in Literature and Creative Writing, and a PhD in storytelling and media. Prior to launching my own company, I taught writing and storytelling at a tier-one university.

Over the past sixteen years I have developed a widely acclaimed collection of courses designed to help writers develop their stories, stay on track, and finish what they start . . . even while juggling busy careers and a family.

I am also the author of a multi-award-winning poetry collection, and my poems are licensed for use in anthologies and curricula around the world.

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