craft a unique authorial voice

Discover who you are as a writer and the writer you want to be. Through a series of exercises, examine your unique authorial attributes, what you love about others’ works, and how to blend these things into a magical voice that only you can have.


By the end of this workshop

you will understand how to . . .



your unique experience of the world.



styles you would like to incorporate in your work.



your beliefs to establish clear themes.



features of your style you didn’t know existed.



aspects of your favorite author’s voices into something new.



new writing styles to see if you like them.

No waiting to get started.
You can complete the course as soon as you want.

This workshop will help you wherever you are
in your storytelling journey

Who This Workshop Is For

I know sometimes we see an opportunity and wonder if it is really suited for our particular needs.

Based on my 16+ years teaching story, this workshop was designed for you if you are:

This course is for you. 

Each of the exercises in this workshop addresses a different facet of authorial voice to ensure that you identify something that is true to you and unique. You will blend styles you love from others’ work with your own voice and the person you want to be so that you have a signature style readers will recognize.

Overcome your story challenges

This Course Shows you How

I have personally walked many students through the story-creation journey, and I designed Craft a Unique Authorial Voice to help you bring your ideas to life.

Not everyone who can do it can teach it. I've watched hours of masterclasses, tutorials, and online lessons on writing, and I must say that this course is a breath of fresh air. Barbara is a gifted teacher; the way she explains topics, the exercises, and even the worksheet provided make this a truly engaging experience.

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Honestly, take all of Barbara’s classes. If you want to learn how to really get started on your novel or long piece, then her courses are unbeatable. She really explains all the terminology, uses clear examples, and even provides printable resources! I can’t recommend her courses enough.

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If you're ready to dive into your story then join Craft a Unique Authorial Voice, and let’s get started!


A Track Record of Student Success

Hear What craft an Authorial Voice students have to say

Sixteen years teaching thousands of students.

I loved this class. I was confused about how to improve my authorial voice and other resources didn't help. But this class was better than I had expected. The exercises are brilliantly drafted and the trainer's style is natural and effective!

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Ms. Barbara Vance knows what she's talking about and I couldn't be happier to have her as a teacher. I especially like her on-the-spot teaching style rather than reading from cues or a teleprompter. Looking forward to more classes by her!

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This course was fantastic. I'm really looking forward to working through the exercises.

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This was a great class and I am looking forward to working through the exercises.

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I thought these were really great exercises.

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What's inside . . .

Working through the exercises in this workshop, you will identify and craft a voice that embodies your style and beliefs. You will:

Examine your personality, life, attributes, and current writing style to create a vision of how you uniquely see the world.

Analyze your favorite author’s work to specifically identify why you like it and then adapt those techniques for yourself.

Consider the writer and person you want to be to locate what you need to work on and have a writerly identity to work toward.

Articulate the beliefs and values that will underpin your work so that your stories have cohesive themes and a strong vision.

Embrace oral storytelling to glean aspects of your communication style you didn’t know were there!

Practice a variety of writing styles to find what you like and begin working a variation of each into your writing “muscle” memory. Then blend these styles to make a new one.

Leverage stream-of-conscious writing to develop your initial response to events and build your storytelling muscles.

Workshop Lessons:


The Full Workshop Includes:

write better, faster

Character Arc Mastery is the definitive guide to writing plot-driven characters. No more crippling writer’s block, directionless stories, and flat characters. Just clear steps that help you start and finish your story.

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If you're ready to dive into your story then join Craft a Unique Authorial Voice and let’s get started!

Risk Free | Guarantee

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

This Authorial Voice Workshop provides specific, actionable exercises that will absolutely help you identify a writerly identity that could only be yours. It will help you identify your current strengths and articulate the ones you need to work toward. Ultimately, having a solid voice will make your stories stronger and more enticing for editors, agents, and publishers.

I have taught character and story development for years to THOUSANDS of students, and I know what works! The workbooks and support guides provided will have you brainstorming and defining your character every step of the way.

If you take the course and don’t feel like your character’s growth is better defined and more connected to the plot, simply reach out to us, show us you have made an effort, and we will refund your full investment. Full details here >>

Barbara is a really amazing teacher! Her classes are always helpful, and she always brings something new for you. I usually come with an idea that is still blurred in my mind, and then she explains something that makes me understand where I want to go with my story and how I can do it. I couldn't recommend it more for you guys!



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If you're ready to dive into your story then join Craft a Unique Authorial Voice and let’s get started!


A Little About Me...

My name is Barbara Vance, and over the past sixteen years I have helped thousands of students bring their stories to life.

What started as an early and sincere delight in literature turned into focused study on what makes stories good. How do they work? This culminated in a PhD in storytelling and media, and a subsequent position at a tier-one university.

But I wanted to do more. I wanted to reach more people and provide them not just with the knowledge I had accumulated over the years, but also actionable, step-by-step processes that would help them find and develop their characters and stories, stay on track, and finish what they started . . . even while juggling busy careers and a family.

As a published author and educator, I don’t just understand story; I understand storytellers, and the rewarding, albeit sometimes challenging process that articulating a vision can be.

So I created a collection of proven courses that delve deeply into the components of great stories and how to write them.

It is a joy to help so many find their voice, discover their story, and get it done.

If you're still on the fence, consider this...

Your unique way of writing is one of the biggest ways to
leave an impression on the reader

Bringing a story to life through compelling language is one of my favorite parts of writing. Of course, designing a cohesive story and compelling characters is essential, but your focus cannot stop there. Now your challenge is articulating all of your wonderful ideas in a way that is memorable, vivid, and identifiably you.

If you are uncertain how to accomplish this, working through specific writing exercises is one of the best things you can do. You’ve spent a lot of time discovering your characters and story world; now it is time to discern a bit about yourself!

Spending time upfront figuring out your voice will help you write your entire story, making it more cohesive.

I cannot encourage you enough to invest in your creativity! Writing stories can change your life, and understanding the nuances of story design will make you a more creative, independent writer. I am so excited about your storytelling journey, and I wish you well with your writing!

~ Barbara