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Outline every scene in your story beat-by-beat. Create scenes with clear goals, character development, suspense, emotion, and that convey essential information.

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This workshop takes the stress out of scene design, walking you through designing a scene one step at a time. You will literally plan the scene beat by beat, considering what information to include and how to include it so that you both create and suspense. You will consider setting, characters, and the specific experience you want your readers or viewers to have.

If you have not taken the Great Scenes MegaCourse, I recommend it as a prerequisite, but it is not necessary

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What People Are Saying


“Very much enjoyed this class. The worksheet is excellent; I love how you can use it at any stage of the process, from brainstorming to plotting to writing to revising, as well as customize it to fit your needs, whether you are a plotter or planner or something in between. Looking forward to watching more of Barbara’s classes! Thank you!”

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“What a great course, thank you ! I think I’ll finally manage to unblock some of my scenes. This is the second or third course created by Barbara that I’m taking, and every time she’s been so helpful… The instructions and explanations are super clear, she’s basically taking you by the hand and telling you HOW to do it, rather than just what to do… Anyone can say : you need to have some sort of change in your scenes. Yes ok but how do I do that ? Well, Barbara has the answer…”

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“Another excellent lecture. I really am enjoying going through the courses available here and will definitely jump onto the scenes mega course. This lecture gave me plenty if notes and opened my mind up to the themes, skills and nuances that are important in scene writing. There is no doubt that this lecture has helped me increase my writing skills. I’m a person who likes to plan so this course was right up my street.”

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“Very helpful lesson on how to write a scene! Definitely recommend watching this in conjunction with the Plot 101 course and Great Scenes Megacourse (Plot 102), if you haven’t already. They flesh out a lot of what Barbara has summarised here.”

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“This was such a well organized and helpful, class. Thank you so much. It was so thoughtfully put together. I felt like I got the boost I needed to write my scenes!”

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“An insightful class. Will definitely be checking out the scene megacourse as well.”

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“Thank you so much for these helpful tips! ❤️”

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“Love your work!”

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Barbara Vance, PhD

I am a writer and instructor who has been blessed to help thousands of writers bring their stories to life.

My degrees include a B.A. in literature, an MA in Literature and Creative Writing, and a PhD in storytelling and media. Prior to launching my own company, I taught writing and storytelling at a tier-one university.

Over the past sixteen years I have developed a widely acclaimed collection of courses designed to help writers develop their stories, stay on track, and finish what they start . . . even while juggling busy careers and a family.

I am also the author of a multi-award-winning poetry collection, and my poems are licensed for use in anthologies and curricula around the world.

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