Point of View

Maximize drama, suspense, and connection with characters by choosing the right narrative perspective.

Point of View is One of the Most Critical Story Decisions You Make

By the end of this course

You will understand how to...



your story’s perspective by weaving it into the plot.



the best point of view for your story goals.



how intrusive you want your narrator to be.



the reader-character relationship in first-person perspective.



in third-person omniscient & limited perspectives.



characters to life with free indirect style.

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Who This Class Is For

I know sometimes we see an opportunity and wonder if it is really suited for our particular needs.

Based on my 16+ years teaching story, this workshop was designed for you if you are a committed to writing a gripping story.

whether you are...

This course is for you.

I specifically design all of my courses for those currently writing or planning to write. Every writing exercise is also a reading analysis exercise so that you can dissect your favorite stories, learn what makes them great, and then apply that to your own work.

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Point of View Affects Three Foundational Aspects of Your Story...

A weak narrative perspective can make your plot and characters lifeless. It often results in a disengaged reader, and it makes writing your story much harder because you don’t have a consistent vision that guides your decisions.

On the other hand, a solid understanding of your story’s point of view makes plot and character development much easier and results in an engaged reader who can’t put the book down.

Honestly, take all of Barbara’s classes. If you want to learn how to really get started on your novel or long piece, then her courses are unbeatable. She really explains all the terminology, uses clear examples, and even provides printable resources! I can’t recommend her courses enough.

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Not everyone who can do it can teach it. I've watched hours of masterclasses, tutorials, and online lessons on writing, and I must say that this course is a breath of fresh air. Barbara is a gifted teacher; the way she explains topics, the exercises, and even the worksheet provided make this a truly engaging experience.

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If you're ready to dive into your story then join Point of View and let’s get started!


A Track Record of Student Success

Hear What they have to say

Sixteen years teaching thousands of students.

Excellent course and very helpful with establishing a clear direction in your writing. Highly recommend watching the Character dev, plot, and dialogue courses first but not all required, just super helpful for context.

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A really good overview of points of view. I really appreciate how she outlines the advantages v. disadvantages of each point of view, helping the writer figure out what point of view they would like to use in their project.

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I enjoyed the class as it taught me a few things I had not considered before. The multiple person perspectives were very informative and very useful.

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Another great lesson from Barbara!

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Thank you, Barbara! I have struggled with understanding POV, and therefore I have watched many videos (including Masterclass "celebrity" writers) and read many articles about it. This is the first time that I feel like I actually understand the differences in POVs. You did a particularly nice job of explaining the differences between Third Person Omniscient and Limited (and the variables within) as well as the best ways to use them. Your examples were especially helpful. Your enthusiasm for the craft is infectious, and your presentation is as if a really good friend who really wants you to be a great writer is explaining. I will probably watch this series again and look forward to watching all of your videos 🙂

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What's inside...

Identify your narrator’s audience. Solidifying your storytelling situation will specify and enhance the authorial voice, making details more vivid.

Decide how much you want your narrator’s personality to be injected into the story. This decision significantly influences the reader’s experience of events and her interpretation of the characters.

Leverage First-Person Perspective to create maximum suspense and put the reader squarely in the protagonist’s shoes

Write in Third-Person Limited perspective so that we still see out of the protagonist’s eyes but with “he said-she said” narration. One of the most popular narrative forms, mastering third-person limited allows for intimacy with a character but lets you write action in a more in-depth way.

Use multiple person perspective when you have numerous strong protagonists in one story.

Convey multiple character’s thoughts with third-person omniscient. Because this is one of the most challenging perspectives to master, we will address how to avoid numerous pitfalls.

Write your story using free indirect style. This form of narration creates immediacy and connection between the reader and the characters.

Workshop Lessons:


This Workshop Includes:

If you're ready to dive into your story then join Point of View and let’s get started!

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100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

My Point of View Workshop will give you the clear overview you need to choose your point of view for maximum drama and connection with characters. decide your narrative perspective and start writing. It is actionable, thought provoking, and designed to help you write the best story in less time.

I have taught character and story development for years to THOUSANDS of students, and I know what works.

If you take the workshop and don’t feel like you don’t have a clearer sense of your story’s perspective and how to write it, simply reach out to us, show us you have made an effort, and we will refund your full investment.

Full details here >>

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Ready to start your story?

I have taught thousands of students and creative professionals how to craft their stories, and this workshop will provide the overview you need to get going. It will introduce essential plot-building concepts, and it will absolutely help inspire your work. I genuinely recommend you get started with Point of View if you are motivated by any of the following . . .


You Don’t Want to Waste Time Writing the Wrong Way

My students and clients range from professional storytellers with MFAs in creative writing to beginners just dipping their toes in the storytelling waters, but one thing they all have in common is a tight schedule. It is hard to carve away precious hours to write in between work, family, and life. This workshop will give you the necessary tools to make a critical decision for your story so that you don’t waste your time writing chapters that end up being tossed.


You’re Ready to Reach New Levels of Creativity

Understanding Point of View is powerful. Awareness of the limits and possibilities of your chosen perspective can open your story up to you and make writing much easier!

Over the years I have seen that many writers hit roadblocks because they simply didn’t capitalize on all of the storytelling components available to them.

This workshop will inspire you to bring your character’s thought and actions to life in exciting new ways.

Barbara is a really amazing teacher! Her classes are always helpful, and she always brings something new for you. I usually come with an idea that is still blurred in my mind, and then she explains something that makes me understand where I want to go with my story and how I can do it. I couldn't recommend it more for you guys!

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If you're ready to dive into your story then join Point of View and let’s get started!


A Little About Me...

My name is Barbara Vance, and over the past sixteen years I have helped thousands of students bring their stories to life.

What started as an early and sincere delight in literature turned into focused study on what makes stories good. How do they work? This culminated in a PhD in storytelling and media, and a subsequent position at a tier-one university.

But I wanted to do more. I wanted to reach more people and provide them not just with the knowledge I had accumulated over the years, but also actionable, step-by-step processes that would help them find and develop their characters and stories, stay on track, and finish what they started . . . even while juggling busy careers and a family.

As a published author and educator, I don’t just understand story; I understand storytellers, and the rewarding, albeit sometimes challenging process that articulating a vision can be.

So I created a collection of proven courses that delve deeply into the components of great stories and how to write them.

It is a joy to help so many find their voice, discover their story, and get it done.

I don’t just know stories; I know storytellers.

This workshops is based on 16+ years of helping writers through their biggest storytelling challenges. I made this so you can avoid the common pitfalls.

Embarking on a new story is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. There are so many decisions to make!

In my experience, there are certain storytelling subjects like character and plot development that get most of the attention, while a choice like “What point of view should I use?” seems a rather easy task.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is so much to point of view! Not just choosing the right one, but really capitalizing on the one you choose. I read a lot of stories in which a writer left so much on the table because she didn’t know how to maximize perspective.

You can have amazing characters and a really gripping plot idea, and yet the story can feel flat and unengaging simply because you aren’t telling it from the proper perspective. I cannot tell you how many writers come to me with a story that isn’t working, and when I have them adjust the point of view everything snaps into place. They are so surprised!

This point-of-view overview will give you more than enough to get started choosing your perspective and planning how it will impact your story.

I cannot encourage you enough to invest in your creativity! Writing stories can change your life, and understanding the nuances of story design will make you a more creative, independent writer. I am so excited about your storytelling journey, and I wish you well with your writing!

All my best,