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A comprehensive, step-by-step, program for designing a promising story idea. The Discover Your Story Challenge is the most extensive creative writing course focused exclusively on brainstorming a story concept that has a solid foundation and that you are excited about and confident in.

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The Discover Your Story Challenge walks you through designing a cohesive story concept that is more than a simple premise. Through a series of daily creative exercises you will brainstorm numerous facets of stories from a variety of angles. Lessons build on one another so that you are simultaneously crafting new ideas as well as refining ideas you already have.

Over a thirty-day period, you will consider both creative and business aspects of storytelling so that you walk away with enough confidence, inspiration, and information to begin delving into character design and outlining your story.

All thirty lessons are available immediately. 

Students have course access for 365 days. All worksheets and notes are downloadable.

This intensive addresses:

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What's Inside

The Discover Your Story Challenge is an intensive, which means it is a step-by-step process designed for specific, tangible results. It comes with 30 video lessons, comprehensive written instruction for each exercise, and 12 downloads, including multiple worksheets, a packet on maximizing the challenge, and a checklist to track your progress.

What People Are Saying


I am stunned. I’ve been trying to write a story for YEARS and was getting nowhere. This not only supercharged by creativity but I ended up with a really cohesive idea by the end (two actually)! Thank you, Barbara! Your courses never disappoint!

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I have had a story idea for a while now but couldn’t seem to get organized and get it off the ground. This challenge has me well on my way. The exercises are REAL. Be prepared to take time on them if you want to get the most out of it (like Barbara says). I found these really pushed my story to the next level. We addressed things I hadn’t thought of.

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I am surprised how much I liked this. I expected it to be good, but each exercise is really focused. The instruction and the guidelines are so clear, and every day really builds on the one that came before it. I’ve done so much Googling trying to find advice for designing a story idea, and it all fell short. This is grade-A instruction that actually got me where I needed to be. Definitely signing up for more classes.

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This was so much fun! I loved the variety of exercises and how each challenged me in different ways. Some that I thought I wouldn’t like (such as the fairytales/myths one) I ended up LOVING. I went from not having any ideas to having a few that I really really like. It’s good how Barbara addresses the creative and business sides of writing–I found that helpful. Thanks, Barbara!

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This was more work than I expected it to be, but it is also way more of a legitimate class than I anticipated. I’ve tried Masterclasses, workshops, and a bunch of those online course websites . . . nothing even comes close. This is seriously worth more than writing courses that cost me $1k+. Barbara is fantastic as the instructor and the exercises are really well thought out. I definitely found this intense (but I really threw myself into it) — but WOW. Got the best story idea I’ve ever come up with. 

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I’ve taken courses by Barbara before so I had high expectations, but this exceeded them. This really makes you look at a story idea from A LOT of different angles. She’s right . . if you go through the whole thing (and I agree, If you put your all in it is intense) you really walk away with a story concept that has legs. You could definitely put in less time and still benefit greatly from these creative workouts. I thought I would just have some semblance of a synopsis by the end. NO. I have subplot ideas, themes, a much strong sense of character, and a sketchy shell of the plot. The Theories exercises and the Pastiche were awesome. Never thought to look at story design that way.

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Barbara Vance, PhD

I am a writer and instructor who has been blessed to help thousands of writers bring their stories to life.

My degrees include a B.A. in literature, an MA in Literature and Creative Writing, and a PhD in storytelling and media. Prior to launching my own company, I taught writing and storytelling at a tier-one university.

Over the past sixteen years I have developed a widely acclaimed collection of courses designed to help writers develop their stories, stay on track, and finish what they start . . . even while juggling busy careers and a family.

I am also the author of a multi-award-winning poetry collection, and my poems are licensed for use in anthologies and curricula around the world.

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If you take the course and don’t feel like it helped, simply reach out to us, show us you have made an effort, and we will refund your full investment.

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